Asphalt Repair

Those pesky potholes can ruin your day. We cover all of your basic asphalt repair responsibilities.


Proper drainage can guarantee your investment in your project will last. We can help you save yourself from a disaster that could cost thousands.

Septic Installation

We know no one likes to do the dirty work, so we are here to make sure your septic installation goes smoothly.

Concrete Removal

Whether you need a sidewalk removed or a whole parking lot, we are concrete removal experts.


Foundation repair and maintenance will allow you to live in comfort that the structure will remain standing for years to come.

Snow Removal

We have all of your winter needs in one place. Deer Creek Excavating will plow and salt your driveway or lot.


Full site, selective, residential, or commercial demolition is one of our specialties.

Land Clearing

No matter how big or small we can clear and grade your site to your specific needs. Our services will keep you on schedule with your project.

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  • Backyard Patio
  • Concrete Removal
  • Snowplow